Providing care to others often means we are constantly extending ourselves, placing our needs way down the list. Even though we have a wealth of knowledge, expertise and abilities how much do we really value all we bring? When we don’t value our gifts it makes it harder to care well for our selves.

I have been there: feeling disillusioned with nursing, disgruntled with the workload, discouraged with the system.

I knew there had to be another way and I decided to find one in 2004. I was sick of feeling tired, worn-out, wondering how I could care for patients when I felt so depleted. I knew I wasn’t just depleted physically, sensing that was more a symptom of deep emotional exhaustion. I felt sucked dry. I knew something had to change or I would need to find another profession.

I found a new way and am passionate about assisting other nurses to find a find their way. Finding my new way with a mentor included identifying my strengths, valuing my unique abilities, accepting myself and most importantly learning how to be centred, grounded and present in more moments. Learning how to calm and sooth my emotions by acknowledging what I’m feeling allows me not to be at the mercy of my surroundings. Responding rather than reacting is empowering. I learnt to relate in new ways.

I feel privileged to walk beside other nurses as they take the journey into effective self - care discovering the innate knowing that resides within us all.

What do you need to heal and nurture you?
I have more than 30 years experience in nursing, originally training as a general nurse and then in mental health, where I spent most of my career. I have recent management and education positions including many years in forensic hospital settings.

I love working with nurses exploring ways to take responsibility for our own health, recognizing and caring for all we are; as a physical, emotional, thinking and spiritual being. Caring for ourselves in this holistic sense improves all our relationships as we bring the best of ourselves to our interactions with others. Striving to provide the best care possible for our patients is dependent on how well we first care for ourselves.

I continue to be inspired by the commitment and hearts of those I work with.

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