‘It was a pleasure working with Julie and knowing her warm and supportive approach as a coach. Her gentle and humble approach is a credit to herself and she has excellent listening skills making her a natural leader.’

Dr Inderpreet Singh – Dental Officer

‘Julie is an inspiring leader, facilitator and coach. I have benefitted both personally and professionally from her insights and gentle challenge. She has the ability to see what others don’t. She has a strength and determination coupled with humility which is a rare and beautiful gift to those she works with.’

Suzanne Reich - Leadership program graduate


‘Julie is a grounded, compassionate intuitive.  She is insightful and holds a clear, loving space for me to receive all that she shares during our sessions She always seems to know what to say to help me let go of what's not working in my life or to see a challenge that I have been going around in circles with in a whole, new light.  I find that after a mentoring session, I feel more hopeful and determined to move forward with my projects and goals and to be more of the person I aspire to be in more moments of my life.’


Arlene Cohen Miller - President, Jewel Coaching


‘Julie functions at the top percentile. She sees the big picture and has a considered and methodical approach to achieving this.’

Paul Spurr - Facilitator, Clinical Supervisor, Mentor, owner Clinical Supervision Consultancy


‘Julie is very reflective and demonstrates great emotional intelligence. She promotes a real climate of trust and calm. Julie instils confidence in you and makes you feel very supported’.

Marilyn Harris - Leadership program graduate


‘Julie is passionate and committed to her role and walks the talk in reflective practice.’

Alison Stevens – Health Service Director,  previous Manager



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